• Talent Concept

Let the savant have the broad space; Let those who are able have its proper position; Let the diligence have the good repayment; Enable the kernel, the attendance to become the leadership. Makes the staff in the thing, the heart two aspects both to feel that happy and satisfies. Obtains satisfaction on the material, in the mind obtains the trust, and pursues the self-growth, realizes the self-value. Makes each staff to feel happiness and substantial. we trust each staff, believed that any staffs have may supply the excavation the potential. We pay attention to staff's growth frequently, grasps staff's demand trend frequently, provides target-oriented training for the staff, stimulates staff's potential unceasingly. the Corporation new staffs enter the company namely to have strict training, causes it to have the high professional dedication and the specialized accomplishment. Company's specialty trains the lecturer to carry on promotion training regularly to the staff, simultaneously the company the non-periodical invitation will train the expert and the professional carries on pointed management skill training and professional skill training to the company staffs, and will train and the practical work relates closely in together, causes the outstanding person who the staff ends in this post. our goal: Let each staff be more outstanding!