• Quality Control

1. Why choose BAIYUN aluminum factory?

Because we provide :


- Good Quality Work and Product

- Good After Sales Service

- Reasonable Price

- Customer Satisfaction

- Over 36 Years Experience in Related Field

- Experience Technical Support

2. Why use Aluminium Window & Door ,Aluminium products?

Aluminium is termine proof,water proof ,rust proof,easy to maintenance ,avaliable various design , colour and material that can be recycle .

3. Why tempered glass product such as Door?

Because when broken, Tempered Glass will shatter into small pieces to prevent serious injuries and resistant to rapid temperature changes .

4. Can you give me a free quote ?

Yes ,we will provide a free quotation & free site visit .

5. Do you provide after sales service ?

Yes, we provide after sales service after get a customer information.


6. How to order / ask for free quote ?

Please send email or call .We will reply you soon .